Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visiting some friends...

I am in Massachusetts visiting some wonderful friends; Liz and Erik. Early this year they experienced an ice storm and my friend Liz took some amazing pictures. I just thought I'd share one.
What I loved about this photo was the green grass and blue sky opposed to the ice covered trees that look like glass! Amazing!
The pinwheel photo was taken during my visit. Liz has gorgeous gardens. Her young son added his own ornament to his Mom's design.
I thought this was so cute.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm just a busy Mom these days...

I have to confess, I have been so busy...with my boys. It's either after,before, or during school activities...LOL!

Between moving my older sons back into our home from college, and getting my younger ones out to school, sports or extra curricular end of the year events...
I'm pooped!
I haven't drawn anything except a hot bath!
So I am just going to take a little blog break, and enjoy all the end of the year entertainment, and running around!
Who knows, I might just get some inspiration for a drawing!
Hope you are all well. Love to hear from you! See you in a week or two.

Love, Diane

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yipes! I have been so busy!!!

I have just been so busy lately, with housework, sports, and school activities that I haven't posted much! I am working on a larger painting, and I really am liking it, only I cannot get a good photo of it since my camera...stinks! So until I can take a good picture, I will just show you a little watercolor I did a while back...
Here is the funny guy I created earlier. I used him on my Illustration Friday for impossible... I like this guy, he is so reminiscent of RI to me. He is going quahogging...but he isn't in too much of a hurry...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little painting

Just another little landscape exercise...this little birdy has visited this site before... But I love him!
I have been crazy busy!! Hope you are all doing well.