Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brown bird

This little boy has been busy at my window.  I have no idea what he is.  I have to look him up.  I love the way his feathers blow around in the wind.  He isn't afraid of me when I come near to photograph him like the Chickadee's are.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little watercolored altered art

Painted a watercolor, then photographed it. Took it all apart, altered each piece and then put it back together again like a little collage.  It is actually 8x10. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Female Cardinal Trio

I think she is as magnificent as the male, even though she lacks some of his extraordinary coloring. She gave me so many wonderful shots I made a little collage in her honor.

Blue Jay with seed

This big boy was totally aware I was photographing him. He kept looking at the window I was in , hopping around looking in from different angles. He is totally in charge of the berry tree outside my window and all the little bird give way to him. Not surprising for his size. However, when my cat went out this morning, he was the only bird to fly away immediately. It was hilarious!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Little Bird

What a darling little...sparrow I think? I have to look him up in a birding book. My friend, Susan, gave me one so I could identify all the bird that visit our home in CT. Although, the little rascals move too fast for me to identify normally. Maybe now that I am photographing them, I will be able to identify some. Anyway, this one was a cute little guy.
Today is Martin Luther King Day. My pastor read a large portion of a letter he wrote to other pastors while in prison. He was defending himself for his use of civil disobedience. He mentioned others who used this tactic to move authorities to change laws that were in some way unfair towards large portions of a particular population... I just marveled at this man's inner strength to fight against the authorities who were obviously wrong, and also to, at the same time, defend his actions to his own "friends." I think the later takes more courage sometimes.

A Black Bird in My Yard

Birds in my back yard....I altered this photo, because I can't leave well enough alone. I am loving it in Connecticut, but no real time to play. Miss viewing all your wonderful Blogs.