Saturday, July 11, 2009

Narragansett Art Fair

You can't imagine all the lovely pieces of art that were to be found strolling through the tents. All these wonderful artists exhibiting their work for all to see and comment on...SCARY!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mike Bryce

This is Mike Bryce, the artist of my newest (and only to date) piece of original art. I have purchased prints before, and LOVE them. I have a gorgeous mermaid print by Flor Larios titled "Venus Mermaid"
However...there is something really special in owning a piece of canvas that is an actual original can see brush strokes, pencil lines, drips and drops...yum! Don't I look happy!?
I asked Mike how he felt when he sold a canvas; if he was sad a bit to see them go. He told me that it was sad because he loves all his "ladies" (his mermaids). I told him that the one I bought would be taken care of and cherished.
And it will!

I have included a small picture of my brother's painting also by Mike that I stumbled upon a few days later at his house.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Monday, July 6, 2009

I bought a beautiful mermaid painting!

I recently went on vacation to Rhode Island. While in Narragansett I stumbled upon a large outdoor art show (Narragansett Art Festival)! What a blast! The artist Mike Bryce was in attendance and lookie what I got!This beautiful painting is the cover of his new book. I bought another smaller painting for my son Connor and when I got to my sister in law's home, she had a tiny little mermaid painting from Mike as well! Love of mermaids just runs in the family I guess!

...some details of this lovely painting....I adore the way he painted the noses on the starfish, the smiling seaguls and the flowing hair of this sweet creature.

I just love the loose quality of the pencil marks...still visible...

This is just a serene painting. I will post a picture of me with the artist if I can get it off my phone...I will also show my son's painting and the painting from my sister in law's home tomorrow. All on my naughty phone which is defying me!

I have really missed blogging!!!!!