Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mike Bryce

This is Mike Bryce, the artist of my newest (and only to date) piece of original art. I have purchased prints before, and LOVE them. I have a gorgeous mermaid print by Flor Larios titled "Venus Mermaid"
However...there is something really special in owning a piece of canvas that is an actual original painting...you can see brush strokes, pencil lines, drips and drops...yum! Don't I look happy!?
I asked Mike how he felt when he sold a canvas; if he was sad a bit to see them go. He told me that it was sad because he loves all his "ladies" (his mermaids). I told him that the one I bought would be taken care of and cherished.
And it will!

I have included a small picture of my brother's painting also by Mike that I stumbled upon a few days later at his house.
Isn't it gorgeous?

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