Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cathedral Window Quilt

I played around with some gorgeous children's fabrics and made a tiny cathedral window quilt a while back. It's just been hanging around. I love how the colors shine through the white fabric.
I was way too impatient to do a full sized version of this quilt. I wanted to put it all together quickly so I could wash it and get that beautiful puckered look. You cannot believe how easy this project is!
It is mostly hand sewn. Mostly!


  1. Thanks Diane...you always pick me up with your nice comments!. I so love this quilt,the colors...Wow! I wish i had the patience to sew, I know how but I have a long going on feud with my sewing machine!Any way its gorgeous! Oh yeah, and I love your last post, I have a dog name Lucy and whenever anyone comes home we yell...Luucy...I'm home! haha! have a great day

  2. That is too funny! Ricky and Lucy, what a pair! I have a long standing feud with my own sewing machine...so I understand.

  3. after the birth of my son, our home overflowed with blankets. some i kept, some i cherish, some i gave to the dog... this is a beauty. a keeper.

  4. I still have a few. Although, I found one, that i had stored that my husband was using as a rag in the garage for his motorcycle! aiigh!!!