Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope your day is filled with Joy!


  1. Hola! I was on Facebook - read Ian's post and then clicked on your's, which led me to this wonderful blog of yours! I have to tell you that both my husband and mother-in-law are obsessed (well, more like infatuated) with CROWS! They would go gaga over your Crow art! : )
    When are you all moving? This is BIG news to me! We are looking to relocate to NYC soon as well - exciting no matter what : ) un abrazo, Maestra Luscombe (Elizabeth)

  2. Hola, Maestra Luscombe!!!! What do you mean you're moving? The school will miss you terribly! I love crows, they are really funny to watch! Thank you for the compliment! We are moving as soon as the house sells or sooner, but not before school ends. :?