Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello and Goodbye

I haven't posted anything in quite a while as I've been busy.  We are moving to the UK very soon. My husband is working there for a year and I am quite excited.  However, moving after just moving is a bit stressful.  And I am stressed  X 10!
Some of my favorite artists live in the UK...maybe I will get an opportunity to visit a few galleries and see their work first hand?  Here's hoping!
Bless you all.  Maybe I will start revisit this blog again from the UK.
 If not,
Goodbye for now.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments over the years.


  1. Oh sorry to hear you go. Have a good one and thanks for entertaining us :)
    Hope you still visit from England.

  2. Thanks! I hope to keep blogging. :)

  3. Ooohhh... the UK for a year... I'm turning a little green! I hope your move goes smoothly and that you enjoy your time there, and I definitely hope you'll continue blogging!

  4. Thanks, Beth. keep painting!!! keep counting those blessings and living in a state of eucharisteo!

  5. Take your computer and your art supplies to England - you never know where or when inspiration will grab you (and you'll want to post the results to share with all of us)! And that's one good-looking bunch of guys you've got there, even though the one behind the camera is missing.

  6. Hi Pearl,
    Thank you for your sweet comment. They are cute, so is the one behind the camera! I am bringing along some supplies...I hope to be inspired!