Friday, March 6, 2009

Good morning! It is so warm today! it must be in the 30's. It looks like it might rain, and that makes me so happy!!!! Anything but more snow!
Here's a little frog that I drew years ago. I colored him up yesterday during my lunch. I think my body is looking a bit like this fellows after this long cold winter....Yipes!


  1. Hi,
    thanks for joining as a follower on my blog. Looks like we like the same birds. I like your art . Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Diane! Thanks for visiting my Apple Creek Cottage Blog! And I adore your artwork-what a wonderfully talented girl you are! So I thought I would follow your blog! Looking forward to getting to know you-hope you are having a nice week-Smiles~Tam!

  3. Tam! Thanks for being a follower!!! That makes me so happy! I love your blog!