Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday evening my husband and I went to the mall to walk around. He is recovering from a broken neck...(long story) I purchased a book by the National Audubon Society called the Bird Feeders Handbook! I love song birds! I did a little drawing which I'm going to color up with some watercolors. Do you like birds? One of my favorite blogs to watch is! This woman is a painting, crafting, homeschooling wonder!!! She is amazing! I've been inspired to paint more....Blessings!


  1. thank you so much for your comment. I hope you try the's very good- too good. Your little drawings are lovely. It's so nice that you try to draw each day.


  2. Thank, Loribeth! I will make the recipe and I am sure, eat them all! Bye the way, that new puppie is adorable.