Friday, July 29, 2011


Is anyone else out there in Blogsville having trouble with their site?  I cannot seem to comment on anything without being put into a circle of being put back to the Google sign in menu.  I sign in and it takes me back to what I was doing, ask me to type in the "secret word" and then blam! I am back to the Google sign in menu...AGAIN!  Round and round I go..... And when I am signed in on my site, the top always says "sign in", as if i am signed off. ?????
My comments are also listed with an anonymous name rather than my name... and my reading list has my comments but none of my post's pictures are shown.  Harumph!
Can anyone help?


  1. I was having the same problem when trying to comment. I discovered that if you uncheck the "stay signed in" box when it asks you to re-sign in, it allowed me to comment. And it was also doing the thing where it changed my profile to anonymous, so I just make sure that I include my name and website within my message too....just in case.What a pain, huh? I sent a question in to blogger, and they said it has something to do with your cookies. You might want to try clearing out your cache too - I did that as well. I hope that helps! I don't know why your pictures aren't showing up.... Isn't modern technology lovely??? ;o)

    Beth Stone

  2. I'll tell ya, Beth, I feel like that toad (all warty and sour faced) on your most recent and very funny post when it comes to these blogging delemas!!! Gracious! Thank you for all your help!
    Good luck with your sale!!!! Have you thought about placing an area rug under your display? I did and it really set the site up as different and drew in curious shoppers! I used a painted canvas rug. Wish I could shop thstop by.
    Ok, here I go...trying to post this...

  3. I need more coffee. sorry about the spelling errors. Your advice worked! :)

  4. If you are using Internet Explorer, try changing to Google Chrome (or something similar). Not only will your problems probably be solved at once, but everything will work much faster too. I've suggested this to several people with the same problem, and without exception it's worked! Good luck.