Saturday, September 3, 2011

Playing with Encaustic

We've been recovering from Hurricane Irene.  We were without electricity for about 3 days, but suffered no real damage.  What a blessing!
 Before the storm I had been reading a "how to" book, The Encaustic Workshop, by Patricia B. Seggebruch.  This is a wonderful book about a method I have been so intrigued by.  I began by reading it cover to cover.  Patricia makes the process seem so easy.  It really isn't complicated, but I am finding the wax clumping a bit.  Perhaps I don't have it hot enough... I am using a crock pot, and I didn't splurge on the bee's wax.  I will go ahead and take her advice and get a hot griddle to set the temperature correctly, and purchase some bee's wax (much more expensive than the alternative).  Love the ability to lay in layers floating between wax.  You can lay in paper, writing, and all kinds of goodies.... I found my muse!  If only I could find a bit of time to play!!!!!


  1. oh i love this
    I already do this with a pen but have not tried the iron.

  2. This looks like an interesting technique... I may have to check out that book! Thanks for sharing! Love the boat piece!