Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebration of my first year post.

Last year, Feb 27 was my very first post. I just realized it yesterday. Here is a little celebratory painting for that occasion! I'm a little late. But, anyone that knows me even a bit, will understand what a surprise it was for me to stick with anything for any length of time. The anniversary took me by surprise.
Thank you to all who follow and leave such wonderful and helpful comments. I do love them.

Warmest Regards (read: smooches and more smooches) to you all,


  1. Happy Anniversary Diane,
    Isn't it amazing how time flies lol. I am so blessed to meet some really awesome women blogger such as you and the others during my blogging journey, Keep posting and here to many more blogoversaries!!!

    hugz Lorie

  2. Happy Birthday Bloggy!! You've done a great job Diane!!