Monday, March 1, 2010

Crow, in progress

Just working on a watercolor of a crow. I do love these birds...except when they are opening my garbage containers and spreading the contents on the ground for all to see! I started with blue and layered over it with black...but after a few hours, the blue is coming through too much. Maybe I need to add another layer of black?
Oh well, so much to learn... I did scan it and play around a bit with it, but it's still too blue.


  1. beautiful watercolor,I also love crows:such inteligent and really lovely birds!

  2. really lovely illo:)!!
    I'm first time at your blog and I really like what you're doing:)
    your welcome to see my entry as well:)!

  3. if you've spent any time looking around my blog you'd see that I paint TONS of these guys ;)
    This is wonderful! Is it going to be for sale?

    What year did you graduate from BHS? My husband was the class of 74 and he LOVED it. That's why we moved back after 16 years in paradise :(
    It's all good! Thanks for stopping by :)