Monday, March 15, 2010

Dogwood tree watercolor

I am loving painting trees right now...and a flowering tree is a thing of beauty!
This is my idea of a dogwood tree offering its blooms to any passersby.

I painted the tree and the background and then drew the flower. I then isolated the flowers and added them to the tree using Photo Draw. I love this old program.
You can change the original in so many neat ways. These may not look too clear here on my blog. The last one, in this series of three, is the original.


  1. Very pretty! Flowering trees .... I think we are all ready for Spring!

  2. Beautiful tree.I love dogwoods we have lots here in British Columbia.

  3. Oh, I am so ready for flowers, warm earth and sunshine!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous flowering dogwood! I'm a big fan of watercolors. Love the way you softly blend the different shades of spring green, the tilt of the tree in this composition, and the charming blossoms ...

  5. Lovely work Diane! Dogwoods are one of my favorites in the spring, I love how you blended mediums, such a treat to see!

  6. This looks lovely! Very beautiful tree.