Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby, Baby,!!!!

I am babysitting a rather comical large grey African parrot. His owners spend some of the winter in Argentina. (lucky duckies)

He is amazingly talented in language. He sings, whistles and talks all day. His name is Baby, and periodically during the day he will "shout" out, "Baby, Baby, Baby blue!!!!" He imitates phones, and voices like you can not believe. He can sound like an older man, a woman a dog or a cat! Anyway, he has me so busy I am really behind in everything...housework, housework and mostly housework. Painting...No way, Jose'! Yesterday, I sat near him and painted the little sun from yesterday's post. He crept down the cage and tried to take my paintbrush etc. And because I was ignoring him he tore paper from the bottom of the cage and threw it at me...the floor was littered with these tiny scraps of paper. :O


  1. Oh, he is so cute! I love parrots. I just watched The Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill, it's a good movie. I had a pet rat named Daisy and she would kick up her flooring and it would fall through the cage bars and litter my floor. What a mess! But she was so cute and sweet!

  2. Hi Mimi! i really am loving this bird! May never give him back. Your blogs are really great!!!