Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Joy!

To my dear readers,

I realize that not all of you that read this blog are celebrating Easter, and peace to you!

However, this is a particularly special holiday for me. I have such wonderful memories of Easter, waking up with a basket of goodies by the bed, a special outfit for church, and the beautiful flowers; tulips, and little grape hyacinths blooming all around.

I can remember going to church, and coming home later to play with my toys. We went a few times to an Easter egg hunt held at a local school and my memories are vague yet I remember the fun of searching!

Now that I am older, the concept of Easter is one of joy and thankfulness, less of candy and new clothes... (ok, ok...excepting any type of chocolate goodie!)

But, as spring celebrates new birth for the earth with all those glorious blooms rising out of a "dead" garden, I see Easter as a celebration of new birth for my soul...

So here is my Easter egg, to the earth. Such a beautiful planet, such a wonderful piece of art given to all of us, I believe, by God to remind us that He is the consummate artist!


  1. That is so cool, I love how the earth is shaped like an egg. Love it!