Monday, April 6, 2009

Creating a repeating pattern...

I love the idea of creating a repeating pattern on a stamp. I visited a blog archive at Design*Sponge and learned how to do this. She gives a beautiful example with terrific photos (she is quite talented!).
It is really quite fun and the resulting image matches up on all sides so you can just stamp away or...
You can create a full sized design to fill an entire sheet (8x10) of paper, and match up several sheets to perhaps line a book shelf or cover a larger object. I am going to take my uncolored fraktur design from Feb. and create a repeating pattern.
Well, that's the is going to be so busy and there are about 6 baskets of laundry to put away! :)


  1. This is a beautiful design...having that old world flare.

  2. this would be beautiful as embroidery.

  3. Hey, That is a great idea! I have some beautiful white linen, and some floss in a dark red, maybe blue? I think I am going to try that!!