Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Fraktur flower painting II

This is the second little flower.

I tried to correct my misspellings of Fraktur...if you find any more Please let me know!
The flower left is the original, the one to the right is the altered version. When I first drew and painted these, I had done them in watercolors...they were so delicate and soft. This attribute is lost when I try to paint them onto the canvas in acrylics. Hmm, maybe I should do these all in watercolors.
Hope you all have a wonderful new week...


  1. these would also make lovely tiles

  2. i love your flowers, beautiful colour! i have such troubles trying to paint my stuff onto canvas in acrylic as i have always used watercolour. but i refuse to be beaten lol

  3. Your Fraktur painting are so delicate and beautiful. Such lovely colors! I've yet to try acrylics, yours look wonderful!